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Voice Activated Assistants Take On New Roles Outside Of Checking The Weather And Pre-shopping. Introducing AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself)

Most technology is seen as embraced by young, early-adopters that seek out novelty but 51% of those 55 years old and over said a top reason for using their voice-activated speaker is “it empowers me to instantly get answers and information.” (Think with Google)  This is an interesting switch from the typical older technophobe that doesn’t believe tech serves a purpose in their lives.

Additionally, 30% of virtual assistant users claim to use them to track packages. (Narvar)

For the makers, Google launched a line of AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself) kits for Voice and Vision on Target.  The Vision kit allows you build a camera capable of recognizing faces, expressions and people.  The Voice Kit allows you to build a voice controlled speaker. (CNET)

AIY Boxes

Think with Google

Narvar via Emarketer


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