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Google Moves Forward With Mobile-First Indexing

A Harvard Business Review study determined that 46% of mobile usage encompasses “Me Time” activities ranging from playing games, shopping for a passion like fashion or tech, seeking convenient solutions like take out and of course, and consuming digital entertainment. (BBDO/AOL)

Search engines have recognized the need for mobile-first algorithms and now Google notifies and educates website owners with tools so their content will better address mobile consumer’s needs.  (SearchEngineLand)  It’s a smart move so Google can continue to provide great search results for mobile users, brands and companies that can maintain or improve their search ranking and ultimately consumers that have a seamless search experience.  Considering that consumers use of mobile and mobile advertising spends are forecasted to grow to 47% of total media budgets (eMarketer), optimizing and streamlining the mobile experience will be a continued focus for everyone.

5_5 Mobile Ad Spend Emarketer

HBR’s How People Really Use Mobile

BBDO/AOL – Seven Shades of Mobile

Google’s mobile-first indexing as set sail

Mobile Ad Spending to Surpass TV in 2018

Mobile Ad Spending to Surpass TV in 2018

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