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Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z: Key Targets In Nutraceuticals

Baby Boomers are the past and present of “nutraceuticals” where supplements are taken for specific needs over the more generalized vitamins of previous generations.  Millenials and Gen Z are the future of the industry as they are used to their specific needs being addressed in health.

“I would agree that baby boomers are a key driver behind the explosion in condition-specific supplement formulas for joints, heart, cognition, immunity and will continue to propel the market as they (Boomers) age…There is no question that Millennials will have the most significant influence by far on the future of dietary supplements and functional foods moving forward, specifically in terms of personalization and customization of supplement offerings to meet the validated – DNA, blood, saliva – needs to specific consumers.” Jeff Hilton of BrandHive

Baby Boomers Are The Past and Present Of Nutraceuticals – Nutraingredients

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