Amazon Go Store Offers “Just Walk Out” Technology


In August, Amazon opened a brick-and-mortar store showcasing Whole Foods products in Seattle.

In September Amazon opened the Amazon 4-star store only offers products with a 4 star rating or better in New York.

Now another Amazon Go location opened featuring the cashier-less technology of “Just Walk Out”   “Overhead cameras, weight sensors and deep learning technology detect merchandise that shoppers take from or return to shelves and keep track of the items selected in a virtual cart. Shoppers use the Amazon Go mobile app to gain entry to the store through a turnstile. When customers leave the store, the Just Walk Out technology automatically debits their Amazon account for the items they take and then sends a receipt to the app.”

Amazon Go Just Walk Out Tech – SuperMarketNews

Amazon Go opens in Seattle – NationsRestaurantNews

Amazon Go Store in California – SuperMarketNews

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The Corpsumer

As brands, marketers, marketing companies and agencies tries to differentiate themselves, a new consumer trend is named:  The Corpsumer.

The shopping habit of buying from companies that share one’s values through attempts of corporate transparency is a key consideration for Millennials and Moms.

Giving a name of the mindset is one thing but hasn’t Starbucks, Chipotle and Nike focused on the consumer’s (daresay) heart over their wallet for some time now?  The big difference is “In the past, “good” was defined in the absence of the company doing anything wrong. Today, CorpSumers actually investigate and seek out information, in a desire to see if the company is worth doing business with. ”

33% of Americans are Corpsumers – Forbes

Introducing the Corpsumer – Adweek

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Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad: Altruism Or A Money Grab?

My consumer brain questions if Nike’s bold Colin Kaepernick ad was a good move.   My marketer brain found the numbers why it was a smart one.  Since the numbers are on Nike’s side, is it altruism or a money grab driving this political stance?

“Two-thirds of Nike consumers are under the age of 35. A younger consumer who can afford $150 Flyknit racers likely has substantial disposable income and lives in a city. The term for this cohort? Progressive. Of the $20B international customer base, how many believe the US is currently a “beacon on a hill” and is handling race issues well? I’ll speculate, none. Nike has risked $1-3B in business to strengthen their relationship with consumers who account for $32-34B of their franchise. The math? Nike just did it.”

Brand Moves – L2Inc


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Move Over Amazon/WholeFoods, Here Comes Kroger/Alibaba

Kroger AlibabaKroger’s Simple Truth line of private label natural and organic products will now be available via Alibaba, the global competitor to Amazon.

“Physical store interactions will also drive more traffic to their ecommerce channel, and ultimately Kroger will want to view the physical store channel as their customer acquisition channel, and ecommerce as the convenient option for reorders. This allows both Kroger and Alibaba to own the entire customer journey and ultimately drive higher lifetime value for each consumer.”

Alibaba Deal Shows Kroger Plan To Amazon Battle Amazon Internationally – ProgressiveGrocer

Kroger Teams With Alibaba To Sell Private Label Items To Chinese Consumers – Retailwire