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News Apps: Google Vs. Apple

Update from 5/15/18 Apple News Partners With Buzzfeed To Gain Traction In the Social Media News Space

Apple Goes Into The News To Beat Social – Digiday

As consumers seek to find reliable and easy sources of news (can both be found simultaneously?) this is a great compare of Apple News to the Google News app.  Whereas Apple News may have started to join the social newsfeed space, the bigger elephant in the room was Google.  According to Business Insider, there’s a clear winner.

Google has my search history to know what sources I prefer.  Google knows my interests.  Considering I read a lot of articles for this blog, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of marketing “stuff”

Apple News sources  were properties that I have heard of but don’t necessarily feel they are a go-to source for the subject matter “Hollywood Life” for politics and Buzzfeed for…anything that is not a quiz on which Games of Thrones character I am….

Spoiler alert: Google wins.

Here’s more detail from Business Insider that says exactly the way I feel.

Google News vs. Apple News – Business Insider