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News Apps: Google Vs. Apple

Update from 5/15/18 Apple News Partners With Buzzfeed To Gain Traction In the Social Media News Space

Apple Goes Into The News To Beat Social – Digiday

As consumers seek to find reliable and easy sources of news (can both be found simultaneously?) this is a great compare of Apple News to the Google News app.  Whereas Apple News may have started to join the social newsfeed space, the bigger elephant in the room was Google.  According to Business Insider, there’s a clear winner.

Google has my search history to know what sources I prefer.  Google knows my interests.  Considering I read a lot of articles for this blog, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of marketing “stuff”

Apple News sources  were properties that I have heard of but don’t necessarily feel they are a go-to source for the subject matter “Hollywood Life” for politics and Buzzfeed for…anything that is not a quiz on which Games of Thrones character I am….

Spoiler alert: Google wins.

Here’s more detail from Business Insider that says exactly the way I feel.

Google News vs. Apple News – Business Insider


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Starbucks App Leads In Mobile Payments

Coffee consumption is, for many people, an everyday activity so it’s a no-brainer that Starbucks Order and Pay App leads in mobile payments.

“The Starbucks app is one of the bigger success stories in mobile proximity payments.  It has gained traction thanks to its ability to tie payments to its loyalty rewards program. For users of the app, the value of paying with their smartphone is clear and simple—you can save time and money at the register, all while racking up rewards and special offers.”  Cindy Liu, eMarketer analyst

Emarketer Apple Pay

Starbucks App Leads Mobile Payment Competitors – eMarketer


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Google Moves Forward With Mobile-First Indexing

A Harvard Business Review study determined that 46% of mobile usage encompasses “Me Time” activities ranging from playing games, shopping for a passion like fashion or tech, seeking convenient solutions like take out and of course, and consuming digital entertainment. (BBDO/AOL)

Search engines have recognized the need for mobile-first algorithms and now Google notifies and educates website owners with tools so their content will better address mobile consumer’s needs.  (SearchEngineLand)  It’s a smart move so Google can continue to provide great search results for mobile users, brands and companies that can maintain or improve their search ranking and ultimately consumers that have a seamless search experience.  Considering that consumers use of mobile and mobile advertising spends are forecasted to grow to 47% of total media budgets (eMarketer), optimizing and streamlining the mobile experience will be a continued focus for everyone.

5_5 Mobile Ad Spend Emarketer

HBR’s How People Really Use Mobile

BBDO/AOL – Seven Shades of Mobile

Google’s mobile-first indexing as set sail

Mobile Ad Spending to Surpass TV in 2018

Mobile Ad Spending to Surpass TV in 2018

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Voice Activated Assistants Take On New Roles Outside Of Checking The Weather And Pre-shopping. Introducing AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself)

Most technology is seen as embraced by young, early-adopters that seek out novelty but 51% of those 55 years old and over said a top reason for using their voice-activated speaker is “it empowers me to instantly get answers and information.” (Think with Google)  This is an interesting switch from the typical older technophobe that doesn’t believe tech serves a purpose in their lives.

Additionally, 30% of virtual assistant users claim to use them to track packages. (Narvar)

For the makers, Google launched a line of AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself) kits for Voice and Vision on Target.  The Vision kit allows you build a camera capable of recognizing faces, expressions and people.  The Voice Kit allows you to build a voice controlled speaker. (CNET)

AIY Boxes

Think with Google

Narvar via Emarketer


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