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The Corpsumer

As brands, marketers, marketing companies and agencies tries to differentiate themselves, a new consumer trend is named:  The Corpsumer.

The shopping habit of buying from companies that share one’s values through attempts of corporate transparency is a key consideration for Millennials and Moms.

Giving a name of the mindset is one thing but hasn’t Starbucks, Chipotle and Nike focused on the consumer’s (daresay) heart over their wallet for some time now?  The big difference is “In the past, “good” was defined in the absence of the company doing anything wrong. Today, CorpSumers actually investigate and seek out information, in a desire to see if the company is worth doing business with. ”

33% of Americans are Corpsumers – Forbes

Introducing the Corpsumer – Adweek

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Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad: Altruism Or A Money Grab?

My consumer brain questions if Nike’s bold Colin Kaepernick ad was a good move.   My marketer brain found the numbers why it was a smart one.  Since the numbers are on Nike’s side, is it altruism or a money grab driving this political stance?

“Two-thirds of Nike consumers are under the age of 35. A younger consumer who can afford $150 Flyknit racers likely has substantial disposable income and lives in a city. The term for this cohort? Progressive. Of the $20B international customer base, how many believe the US is currently a “beacon on a hill” and is handling race issues well? I’ll speculate, none. Nike has risked $1-3B in business to strengthen their relationship with consumers who account for $32-34B of their franchise. The math? Nike just did it.”

Brand Moves – L2Inc


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Brand Loyal or Too Tired To Find Another Brand? Are Parents Loyal Out Of Tiredness?

What looks like brand loyalty might be better understood as brand inertia, as parents with young kids are too worn out by parenting to have the time and energy to hunt around for different brands. Millennial parents are more likely to be loyal a retailer than non-parents and older consumers.  (eMarketer)

Does Having Kids Make You More Brand Loyal by eMarketer



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Fermented Foods Satisfies A Need for Unique Flavor Profiles And Authenticity

Move over, Kombucha, the fermented trend has new (but old) players: kimchi, sriracha, fish sauce, and Mayan chocolate, and beverages like wheat beer, merlot, and mead. (Symrise)  The sweet and spicy fermented condiment Korean gochujang, which, according to data from Mintel, saw a 100% increase in product launches between 2016 and 2017.

According to Mintel, he says, “Millennials are interested in different profiles, ethnic infusions, and the inferred flavors that are imparted by using specific preparation techniques.” Millennials are largely to credit for increased attention to ingredient origins, as well as for products that boast a cleaner label.

Fermented Flavors Driving Food/Beverage Innovation – Symrise

2018 Flavor Trends Food Beverage – Nutritional Outlook

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Millennial Parents Shop More With Their Hearts And Habits Than Their Wallet

Millennials are getting older, having children and their lives more more complicated, they shop and buy with the hearts more than their wallets.

Forty-four percent of millennial parents report only shopping brands that reflect their social or political values, compared to 23 percent of parents from other generations.

49 percent of millennial parents will remain loyal to a brand they trust. Fifty-two percent will remain loyal to a trusted brand despite more convenient options, and 64 percent will default to the brand they are loyal to before even considering a competitor.

Millennial Parents Make Unique Shopping Choices – CSNews

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Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z: Key Targets In Nutraceuticals

Baby Boomers are the past and present of “nutraceuticals” where supplements are taken for specific needs over the more generalized vitamins of previous generations.  Millenials and Gen Z are the future of the industry as they are used to their specific needs being addressed in health.

“I would agree that baby boomers are a key driver behind the explosion in condition-specific supplement formulas for joints, heart, cognition, immunity and will continue to propel the market as they (Boomers) age…There is no question that Millennials will have the most significant influence by far on the future of dietary supplements and functional foods moving forward, specifically in terms of personalization and customization of supplement offerings to meet the validated – DNA, blood, saliva – needs to specific consumers.” Jeff Hilton of BrandHive

Baby Boomers Are The Past and Present Of Nutraceuticals – Nutraingredients

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The Battle For Share Of Millennial’s Stomach Is Constant, But Both Food Retailers And Restaurants Have New Weapons In Their Arsenals

Millennials are known to seek out novelty and are willing to spend more for convenience.  According to Charles Schwab, Millennials spend more on than other generations on taxis, take-out coffee and dining out.  (CNBC) While each of these spends have cheaper do-it-yourself options, the immediacy factor is an ingrained concern for this group that is used to hustling from activities, work, events, friends and family.  It only makes sense that digitally invested companies like Starbucks the provide mobile wallets, mobile services like Uber and speed-of-life apps like Seamless for food take-out are heavily used by them. (Forbes)

Retailers and brands can tut-tut their financial poison-of-choice but smart grocery retailers offer prepared meals to hopefully steer them from limited-service restaurants and perhaps view traditional grocery in a new way; as a convenient solution.  (SuperMarket News)

Schwab Analyzes Millennials Spends

Forbes on Millennial Digital Usage

Grocery courting Millennials by SuperMarketNews