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It May Be A Surprise That Dads Use Pinterest And That They Use It For The Same Reasons Moms Do

Media may have a more updated Dad persona by showing him engaged with his children rather than the old stereotype Dad that reads the paper after work.  Modern Dads also cook, clean and use social media for connection.

Millennial dads are more likely to say they help with household and childcare tasks. Compared to Dads from 1965, they spend more than 2x the time on housework (9.8 hours per week) and nearly 3x the time on childcare (7.3 hours per week).  49% of Pinterest Dads help plan playdates and other activities.

They are health centric and are 1.2X more likely to search for healthy recipes and particularly seek out snack and meals ideas that are quick and time-savers.

They also use Pinterest to shop, with 82% saying they find new products on the platform.

For marketers, the approach to Pinterest Dads isn’t that different than Pinterest Moms.  82% of Pinterest Dads use Pinterest to find products that simplify and enhance their lives. 7 Need To Know Facts About Pinterest Dads – Pinterest