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Majority Of Consumers (65%) Say They Have No Interest In Food Or Beverage Online Purchases, Even When Their Options Improve.


47% of shoppers have made a food/beverage purchase online for the sake of convenience but overall most shoppers prefer the in-store experience.  Generation Z, the digital convenience native, indicated that 44% prefer to purchase in-person.

Consumer Trends In The Food And Beverage Industry – MorningConsult

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Millennial Parents Shop More With Their Hearts And Habits Than Their Wallet

Millennials are getting older, having children and their lives more more complicated, they shop and buy with the hearts more than their wallets.

Forty-four percent of millennial parents report only shopping brands that reflect their social or political values, compared to 23 percent of parents from other generations.

49 percent of millennial parents will remain loyal to a brand they trust. Fifty-two percent will remain loyal to a trusted brand despite more convenient options, and 64 percent will default to the brand they are loyal to before even considering a competitor.

Millennial Parents Make Unique Shopping Choices – CSNews

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Voice Activated Assistants Take On New Roles Outside Of Checking The Weather And Pre-shopping. Introducing AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself)

Most technology is seen as embraced by young, early-adopters that seek out novelty but 51% of those 55 years old and over said a top reason for using their voice-activated speaker is “it empowers me to instantly get answers and information.” (Think with Google)  This is an interesting switch from the typical older technophobe that doesn’t believe tech serves a purpose in their lives.

Additionally, 30% of virtual assistant users claim to use them to track packages. (Narvar)

For the makers, Google launched a line of AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself) kits for Voice and Vision on Target.  The Vision kit allows you build a camera capable of recognizing faces, expressions and people.  The Voice Kit allows you to build a voice controlled speaker. (CNET)

AIY Boxes

Think with Google

Narvar via Emarketer


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