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3D Printed Bread That’s Better-For-You By Being Nutritionally And Texturally Customized

The idea of 3D printed bread goes beyond a Pinterest decoration inspiration.  “The concept was to make bread that feels and tastes like white bread but is as healthy as whole meal bread with special fibre-rich wheat flours and better absorption of key minerals like iron and zinc by the body.   The bread comprises components of wheat grain, water and salt and is 100% natural.”  – Dr. Christoph Verheyen, Technical University of Munich

As the technology develops and acceptance rises, the technology can integrate sustainable but less palatable ingredients, like insect proteins, to mainstream items.

3D Printed Bread And Vertical Cereal Farms – BakeryAndSnacks

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Fermented Foods Satisfies A Need for Unique Flavor Profiles And Authenticity

Move over, Kombucha, the fermented trend has new (but old) players: kimchi, sriracha, fish sauce, and Mayan chocolate, and beverages like wheat beer, merlot, and mead. (Symrise)  The sweet and spicy fermented condiment Korean gochujang, which, according to data from Mintel, saw a 100% increase in product launches between 2016 and 2017.

According to Mintel, he says, “Millennials are interested in different profiles, ethnic infusions, and the inferred flavors that are imparted by using specific preparation techniques.” Millennials are largely to credit for increased attention to ingredient origins, as well as for products that boast a cleaner label.

Fermented Flavors Driving Food/Beverage Innovation – Symrise

2018 Flavor Trends Food Beverage – Nutritional Outlook

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In The Shopper Battle of Convenience Vs. Curated, Amazon Is Convenience But Etsy Is Curated

“If you can buy 1,000 of anything, it doesn’t belong on Etsy,” Josh Silverman, Etsy CEO said. “In terms of convenience, they [Amazon] warehouse everything in advance so they can ship it to you [the] next day. Well, a great many items on Etsy are made to order, so you simply can’t warehouse them in advance.”

Etsy Succeeds With Its Amazon Opposite Approach – RetailWire