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The Battle For Share Of Millennial’s Stomach Is Constant, But Both Food Retailers And Restaurants Have New Weapons In Their Arsenals

Millennials are known to seek out novelty and are willing to spend more for convenience.  According to Charles Schwab, Millennials spend more on than other generations on taxis, take-out coffee and dining out.  (CNBC) While each of these spends have cheaper do-it-yourself options, the immediacy factor is an ingrained concern for this group that is used to hustling from activities, work, events, friends and family.  It only makes sense that digitally invested companies like Starbucks the provide mobile wallets, mobile services like Uber and speed-of-life apps like Seamless for food take-out are heavily used by them. (Forbes)

Retailers and brands can tut-tut their financial poison-of-choice but smart grocery retailers offer prepared meals to hopefully steer them from limited-service restaurants and perhaps view traditional grocery in a new way; as a convenient solution.  (SuperMarket News)

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